Coeur de Cuisine 2010 is pleased to honor Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler.

Community Commitment and Leadership:

Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler has demonstrated true leadership and commitment to community service over her 25 years of community involvement and, most notably, during the last 17+ years of service to the City of Escondido. She was elected to the City Council in 1992 and again in 1996 and subsequently elected Mayor in 1998. She has been widely praised for bringing a sense of cooperation and a focus on economic development and quality of life while simultaneously solving problems on the local level.

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Coeur de Cuisine 2010 is pleased to honor Jack and Jill Campbell

Jack joined the Rotary Club of Escondido in December of 1998 and Jill followed suit, joining the club in November of 1999.  September of 1998 was the 50th anniversary of Jack’s polio infection. Shortly before joining the Club, he challenged the members to match his $12,500 grant toward polio vaccinations. The club accepted the challenge, and then raised the challenge to $20,000 each. Altogether, the club raised $43,000.  Seeing this success, the Rotary District decided to have a District-wide fund raising campaign, ultimately resulting in over $140,000 in contributions.  This was sufficient to fund a National Immunization Day for the entire African country of Eritrea. Escondido Rotarian Dr. Nick Tsoulos, along with four other District members, including the District Governor, travelled to Eritrea for a week to help assist with and promote the National Immunization Day.

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