The Escondido Rotary Club is proud to announce the honorees for the 2016 Coeur de Cuisine From the Heart: Dr. and Mrs. G. Douglas Moir

MoirMargaret and Doug Moir have been stalwart members of the Escondido Community for more than 30 years in the case of Margaret and more than 40 years in the case of Doug.

Margaret was born into a Navy family and lived in many locations until moving to La Jolla in 1972 after graduation from East Carolina University. She and Doug met in 1981 and married in 1985.

Doug was born in Syracuse, NY, eventually relocating to San Marino, California, and ultimately matriculating at Stanford University and Washington University Medical School. Postgraduate training followed at Georgetown University and George Washington University. He also served as an Emergency Room Physician at Georgetown and medical consultant for the Washington, D.C Drug Addiction Medical Service.
Margaret and Doug have been consistent contributors to the community that they have chosen to bestow their considerable energies, talents and generosity. Each has a considerable resume of community activity since their arrival.

Let us begin with Margaret. Her initial contributions began as a board member of the Escondido Historical Society. An outcome of this experience was the founding of the Old Escondido Neighborhood Group with Doug. Next came starting RXPets with Doug, the first dog hospital visitation program west of Colorado.

Subsequently, the Moirs opened their home on multiple occasions for raising funds for multiple groups and continue to do so.
Margaret turned her attention to the Boys and Girls Club, serving on the Board and serving on the Committees of Christmas Tree Lane and serving as the Chairperson three times. The subsequent merger of regional Clubs has lead to even greater service by Margaret on behalf of the clubs.
Margaret received the BGCGSP Board Member of the year award in 1999, the North County Philanthropy Council Volunteer of the year award in 2003 and the 2004 volunteer award from the California Center for the Arts, Escondido. She also received an award in 2008 for outstanding contribution in the field of Service of Youth.

Doug has been extraordinarily involved in Escondido since entering practice as a founder of Escondido Cardiology Associates. He has served on the Boards of:

  • Escondido Youth Encounter
  • Escondido Education Compact
  • Palomar Health Foundation (Chair, 2004)
  • North County Heart Association (Chair)
  • San Diego County Heart Association
  • Old Escondido Neighborhood Croup (Chair)
  • California Center for the Arts, Escondido
  • First Night Escondido (Chair 4-5 times)

In addition, Doug has served on City Commissions, including the Downtown Revitalization Committee and the Parks and Recreation Commission (Chair). Among his recognitions are:

  • North Country Philanthropy Council
  • Palomar Family Consulting
    • Heart of the City Award
  • Palomar Health
    • Unity Award
  • Leadership Service Award
  • Raymond Community Service from the Chamber of Commerce (Margaret and Doug as the first recipients)

Together, Margaret and Doug are founding members of the California Center for the Arts, Escondido and the Escondido Charitable Foundation. These are two entities that help define Escondido.
We could probably list additional contributions, but it is eminently clear that Margaret, Doug and their son, Andrew, make Escondido a special place because of their presence and involvement.
It is clear that the Moirs are supreme examples of “Service Above Self” in our community.

They exemplify their motto that no one is entitled to complain about an issue unless one is working towards a solution. We honor Margaret and Doug Moir for their tireless efforts to make Escondido what it is and what it can be.

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